How to talk dirty in bed


Girls love dirty talk, in my experience. It can definitely add some sparks and tension in the bed.
My inspiration for trying some dirty talk in bed were movies by the actor John Leslie. Those movies are old porn classics in which the main actor is very straightforward, unapologetic and upfront about his intentions. Apparently, John Leslie got a lot of admirers with his performance. His most notable roles were in the movies Talk dirty to me (1980) and Nothing to hide (1981) directed by the Anthony Spinelli, and Talk dirty to me, II (1982) by Tim McDonald. If you’re a guy I do recommend that you check out these movies. They can give you some inspiration.

There are also some guides which can show both guys and girls how to use and incorporate dirty talk in the bedroom (or anywhere else when appropriate).

One such product is Dirty talk tips, and there are two editions:
The Dirty talk handbook – What men so desperately want, by Evan Michaels

dirty talk handbook
The Dirty talk handbook

Dirty talk tips – What she wants, by Jess Summers

Dirty talk tips what women want
Dirty talk tips what women want

Both products come with over $300 worth of bonuses and they have 60 days money back guarantee.

What you could learn from these books:

# How to make dirty talk and erect wild and irresistible attraction within your partner…
# Hundreds of proven and tested dirty talk phrases to begin with…
# How to distinguish yourself from all the other partner they have ever been with
# Find out what are some dirty talk mistakes that majority of people make and how to avoid
# How to give your dirty talk with total confidence
# provide a unique sex experience to your partner, experience they will never forget

Want some dirty talk suggestions? Check these few phrases:

For guys:

“Mmmm, it feels so good when you stroke my lovestick like that”
“Swallow my tool!”
“Ohh , it’s so sexy when you handle my manhood”

For ladies:

“Mmmm , I love it when you lick my body!
“Why don’t you feel my tits again please?”
“I want to milk you and get your cream”

For some free tips visit Dirty talk tips website and check out their Blog!


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