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Thinnest condom vs. Thick condom

Sagami Original

Thinnest condom in the world I recently discovered the world’s thinnest condom – Sagami Original 0,02. As you may presume, it is produced in Japan by Sagami Rubber Industries and with the thickness of 0,02 mm (that’s more than twice times thinner than other respected ultra thinn latex condoms – eg. Durex Sensi Thin and Crown Skinless Skin Condom) it really deserves to be on the throne. I hope the fact Sagami Rubber Industries Ltd. is the first Japanese condom […]

Condom sizes – choose the best size for you

different condom sizes

I’ve wrote about thick and thin condoms and how you should choose between them whether you want to increase or decrease the sensation. However, I think it’s far more important that you choose the best condom size, because that will increase the effectiveness of a condom. As you know, there are various condoms with all kinds of characteristics but still the major purposes of a condom are to save you from sexual transmitted diseases and also save your partner from […]