Welcome to GrowEveryDay.net

Grow every day is the name of this site, but it is also it’s main motto and a leading idea behind it. For us it means that to fully realize your potential, you have to put yourself on a path of continuous personal development. To be able to follow through and step up every day one should strengthen his character by installing positive habits and positive outlook on life. One should establish his or hers goals and dreams, think over them wisely and adopt a road map for their achievement.

Purpose of this site is to provide motivation and inspiration to its readers. Here you will find reviews of various products we’ve discovered.

The topics and products that we’ll try to cover can be divided under these main categories:
– personal development
– internet marketing
– making money
– dating and relationships
– fitness and health
– sex

About the webmaster

My name is Peter, I’m 26 years old guy coming from a small country in Europe, and I’m the main creator of this site.
Without bordering you with small facts, let me share a short story about me so you could get a better sense about who I am and why I started this site.
Well, I used to be extremely shy as a kid. I struggled with shyness all the way till the end of the college. I was not very social and I felt blocked by my low self esteem. Sometimes I felt sorry for myself, finding comfort by daydreaming about some better days, when I would be confident, positive and successful. And it was probably my growing interest in women that made me to finally kick myself in the butt and go look for answers.
I wanted to gain confidence so I could follow my dreams and enjoy a better life. But I didn’t know how. They didn’t teach me that in school. My parents didn’t teach me that, they had their own issues. I felt there was no one that could help me. I was left on my own to find my way up. My body become stronger from lifting weights, which had a little positive effect on my self esteem, but I felt that I also have to make my mind stronger.
I started to look for answers, which led me to different motivational books and self help courses that promised they would help you gain confidence, help you become rich and successful or become popular with girls. I passionately absorbed everything I got under my hand. I became more positive and uplifted, although I quickly started to realize that there are no easy ways, magic pills or magic bullets. Success, in any field, takes dedication and patience. I had some ups and downs, I may got distracted or discouraged sometimes, but I always got back on my path.

That is the path I’m still walking and I have a strong intention to continue with my development.

I can confidently say that my efforts paid off. No, I am not super successful or rich, but I developed myself from a shy kid into a more confident, positive and attractive person.

I hope this site will offer useful resources to others who want to improve their own life.

Peter Rise