Thinnest condom vs. Thick condom

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Thinnest condom in the world

I recently discovered the world’s thinnest condom – Sagami Original 0,02. As you may presume, it is produced in Japan by Sagami Rubber Industries and with the thickness of 0,02 mm (that’s more than twice times thinner than other respected ultra thinn latex condoms – eg. Durex Sensi Thin and Crown Skinless Skin Condom) it really deserves to be on the throne.
I hope the fact Sagami Rubber Industries Ltd. is the first Japanese condom manufacturer, established in 1934, will give you a sense of confidence in their product.

You can check all the details about this product on Amazon.

Sagami Original
Sagami Original

If you’re bitching how you can’t “feel” your woman when you use a condom, please try this one, I hope it will make a difference.

Thick condom for extended performance

As you’re probably aware, some men have a totally different problem – they finish too quickly.

If you’ve watched the movie American pie, you probably remember the main actor and his problems with premature ejaculation. To solve his “problem” the girl with a flute (I’m too lazy to search for her name but I think you know whom I’m talking abut) advised him to put two condoms as I can recall. That’s actually a very bed advice as this will increase the chances of breaking. Condom manufacturers and doctors advise against such a solution for the rubbing of those two condoms will increase the chances that they will brake.

So don’t rely on advices from teen comedies!

Fortunately some condoms are a bit thicker than average which will slightly decrease the sensation.
Those are mostly extra strength condoms which are more tear resistant. That’s why such condoms are recommended for anal sex but they can also have an effect on decreasing the man’s sensitivity and therefore helping him to delay orgasm.

One of the thickest such condoms is LifeStyles Extra Strength Condom with the thickness of 0,09 mm. It is very common so you wont have any problem finding it online or at your local store.

Lifestyles extra strength condom
Lifestyles extra strength condom

Other good choices are:

Durex Extra Strength (0,07 mm)

Trojan Magnum (0,07 mm)

Yeah, there are also some special condoms which can extend your performance. Some of them are called extended pleasure condoms, but I’m not sure if that’s the right expression. You see, those condoms have a special climax delay lubricant inside, called benzocane, that will numb your feeling and therefore extend your sexual performance.

For some it’s just a slight decrease which is the perfect solution that will help them to delay orgasm. But for some that will ruin the feeling completely so it will extend pleasure for your partner but not necessarily for you.

You have to try it and see for yourself how they will effect your performance. If you have a serious premature ejaculation problem I’m sure that they will be helpful.
The reviews on Amazon are mostly positive.

Here is a list of a few well known extended pleasure condoms:

Trojan Extended Pleasure

Durex Performax

Hope this gives you enough suggestions. Besides thickness, it is important to choose the right length and width of a condom. Condom sizes site can help you with that.

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