Easy Calm Anxiety Treatment review

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Easy Calm Review
Author Jon Mercer
Official website: http://www.easycalm.com/
Year of release: 2007

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Easy calm
is a system developed by Jon Mercer for eliminating anxiety and panic attacks from your life.

About the author:

Jon Mercer is a personal development coach and a teacher, working with people who suffer from social anxiety or panic attacks. His system is developed from his first-hand knowledge and personal experience.
At the age of 14 he started experiencing social anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attacks. He felt ashamed about his problem, and he couldn’t admit he had a problem until his mid thirties. After taking medications and anti-depressives for seven years he started to experience some negative side-effects. He decided to get off of medications and only then things began to turn around for him.
When he quit looking at his situation as medical condition, that put him on the right way of discovering what really works. When he achieved enough of a breakthrough, he began working with other people and helping them achieve the same.

You can hear more about his experience in this video:

Easy calm program overview

Easy calm program is consisted of 10 video sessions, which are all together 3 hours and 20 minutes in length. Each video takes you step by step through the process of eliminating anxiety and panic attacks from your life.
There are simple exercises throughout this process which will help you improve your situation from the very first day.

Having video tutorials is a great benefit, as book alone is not adequate without the guided video sessions. Although Jim tested his system on himself and on his clients, his system is not bulletproof and it may not work for everyone. That’s why Jon Mercer offers his first video session for free. You can watch it on his site (you’ll need windows media player plugin to watch it) and see for yourself if you could benefit from his program.
Even if you buy the program and later realize that it is not for you, you can get all your money back, as Jon offers 8 weeks complete money back guarantee.


There are four bonuses included with this program:
* The Recharger, guided meditation session
* The Six Minute Miracles, visualization session
* The EasyCalm mp3 series
* Instant Tranquility, NLP Hypnosis relaxation session


If you have any kind of anxiety disorder or experience anxiety attacks, I would recommend that you at least give the free session a try, as you have nothing to lose and quite possibly a happier and anxiety free life to gain!

Check out the first lesson:
easy calm first session

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