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I wanted to hear a female perspective on Rori’s book. So I borrowed it to my friend Jasmine (she had some boyfriend issues, so I recommended her to read this book).
Later, I kindly asked her to write me her quick and short review of Rori Raye’s book. Here are her thoughts:

“Have The Relationship You Want is ‘good to read’ book for all the women that want to change their relationships, based on Rori Raye’s personal experiences. This book will help you to get acquainted and connected first with yourself and then with the man you want to be with for the rest of your life. It’s not about tricks how to manipulate him, it’s about treating him with trust and respect. There are a lot of small steps such as ‘trusting your boundaries’, ‘following your feelings’, ‘choosing your words’, ‘being surprised’… that can make a huge difference in every relationship. Sounds simply? Try it for yourself!

Read my review below.

I have read few articles from Rori Raye out of curiosity and I must say that I was impressed. She really knows what she’s talking about. I wanted just to take a glimpse at her book Have the relationship you want so I can write a review, but I actually started reading it. It’s full of wisdom.

About Rori (from the book): “Rori Raye is a relationship coach, crisis counselor, actress, director, stage producer, mother, author, seminar leader, public speaker and wife of a successful executive coach, I know how challenging it is to balance the masculine energies I use in the business and the tasks of daily life with the feminine energies I surrender to in my two-decades-long marriage…Many years ago, I turned my own conflict-ridden and fading relationship nearly overnight into the vibrant, thrilling, totally satisfying marriage it is now…From the moment I made my commitment to refuse to try to “manage” my husband and my destiny, my life has been a treasure of peace, fun, love, success and surprises.”

Although her book is for woman, some parts really sparked my curiosity and I wanted to find out how she will present them.

After reading some parts I even got a better understanding of how girls think, what’s the difference between feminine and masculine energy partner and her understanding of men is really spot on (guys, I think you would benefit from reading this, but more importantly make sure your girl reads this book).

At the beginning I thought that this book could contain some manipulative tactics on how to make your man comply to your wishes. But it really isn’t about that. And Rori explains this early on (page 8):

“This is not about find better, cleverer ways to get him to do what you want him to do and to behave the way you want him to behave. It’s not about managing and controlling him better, so that he doesn’t feel like you’re managing and controlling him. It’s not about tricks – it’s about Letting Go to get what you want. It’s about giving all forms of control and man-management in order to have your dream relationship”

So what can you learn from the Have the relationship you want book

# Why therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnosis and self-help books may help you know yourself better, but may NOT necessarily change your relationship. Learn why you can almost become “addicted” to therapy and yet not improve how your relationship works… and what to do about it (Chapter 4)

# How to bring vague desires and hidden dreams into a clear understanding of what you really want out of your “ideal” relationship… and use that knowledge to break down old, destructive habits and negativity and finally have the blissful love you deserve (Chapter 5)

# The TRUTH about men and what they really want out of love, and the one way they’re actually different from women (it’s not what you think). How to use these facts to do LESS—rather than more— in order to be loved and cherished (page 43)

# What makes a man want to LEAVE a relationship and how to know he’s thinking of leaving (page 45)

# A Tool for deciding whether or not your husband or boyfriend is worth sticking it out for, or if your problems outweigh the effort of saving the relationship (page 56-57)

# The most important DECISION you will make about what “role” you’re going to take in your relationship. Not making this decision consciously is one of the most common reasons so many relationships are troubled or difficult (Chapter 9)

# What HUGE mistake today’s women are making in relationships that is creating all kinds of problems in their relationships (page 64)

# An easy exercise to create more appreciation—for your man and from him (page 74-78)

# The absolute fastest way to see immediate change in your relationship (page 80)

# The 4 Rules that will change your relationship and eliminate so many of the conflicts you are having with your man, and open the way for happier and more authentic communication (Chapter 13)

# Why you may keep picking losers and unavailable men, and how to change that pattern once and for all (page 126)

# A Tool to help you become more authentic and in touch with what you’re really feeling… instead of constantly listening to the conflicting thoughts and feelings in your head (page 128)

# A Tool to expressing your feelings in a way that a man will be receptive to (Chapter 16)

# A way to negotiate with a man to get what you want without nagging, pleading or arguing (page 107-111)

and much more…


I’m recommending this book to all my female friends!
Girls and women – read this book!
Guys – get this for your woman or girlfriend or fiancee or sister of female friend or any girl you care for!

*Visit Amazon and get your copy!*

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  2. I just love the book.i think it will teach me to buld a relationship.

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