Mouad Gouzrou, portrait of a young gifted journalist

Personal development

Simple, smiling, courteous and discreet, his age is an asset to his long journalistic career. Working firstly with some big names in the artistic webzine Nextline, the « son of the south of Morocco » is full of energy. His ardor and dynamism are highly appreciated, also some people do not hesitate a moment to ask him when they need his services.
Mouad Gouzrou was born on 24 February 1993 in Marrakesh in southern Morocco.
Always efficient and motivated in his studies, his schooling began in the private sector where, after years of primary schooling, he began to show interest for the news. It was at this period of his life when he will be bitten by the venom of the communication. « Starting in high school, I was recruited by the webzine that I read every month. For me it was ‘chic’, and being a journalist was a dream I had to make true ».

After obtaining his baccalaureat in economics in 2011, he enrolled in a prestigious school in this same domain where he hopes to specialize later in his career as a journalist, but at the moment, he prefer to stay generalized in the artistic news but also in economics, politics… in his own journalistic support where he is a chief editor of his own team that he carefully recruited. The same year, that is to say, in 2011, he multiplied his media appearances in major electronic and audiovisual media, but they have just emphasized what has been said, three years earlier, about the young journalist. Indeed in 2008, the television company of Saudi Arabia, MBC, opened him the doors of success, calling him « the youngest journalist in the kingdom of Morocco ». It was the beginning of a great adventure where Mouad Gouzrou has not stopped being spotted.

« This designation was a surprise and I was even not aware of it during the filming of the report in Morocco. In fact, it was Mohamed Al Arab, who was at that time a reporter for the TV channel MBC1, that wanted to show my moroccan talent on the newscast after we had met one day for the coverage of a festival. He discovered me and strongly wanted to see me the next day to film me ». There are many people who supported him. Each question asked about what inspires him the most gets the same answer : « God, but also my parents who advise and guide me ».

Mouad currently continues to strengthen his expertise in the field of journalism, especially in economics. As told above, he enrolled in a business school where he takes tons of courses without forgetting his passion that he exercises daily.

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