Overcome Procrastination By Simplifying Things

Personal development

Let me ask you something. Have you done all the tasks you planned for today? How about yesterday?
Almost all of us procrastinate from time to time and we put off important work. Most of the times, this procrastination is due to the fact that we feel the work is too hard, boring or time consuming. So we try to avoid it as much as we possibly can.

Avoiding an important task is not a wise thing, but most of us are guilty of doing it. Whenever you feel like avoiding some important work for whatever reason, try to follow this simple advice – break down the work into smaller parts.

This simple strategy is called chunking. Let me give you an example. If I plan to write a book about something, I won’t know where to start. It would seem like so much work so I will feel confused and overwhelmed. Therefore, I’ll procrastinate and delay my writing.

What you could do to avoid that is to list all the necessary steps which are required in order to write your book from beginning to end. You could write down all the little tasks that you should do:
1. Making a research and gathering all the resources.
2. Thinking of all the topics that you should cover
3. Writing all the chapter titles
4. Research the topic of each chapter and write down the point you plan to cover in each chapter
5. Writing an introduction

Then you assign a date to each of these tasks. Every day you review your progress. You mark how much of the work was done and how you could do it better.
Once I break down this complex task of writing a book into simple manageable chunks, I would feel less overwhelmed and confused about the whole process. You just focus on your first task and make sure you do it. The next day you take the next task – thinking of all the topics that you should cover – and only work on that.

I hope you can see, how much more easy it becomes when you break down a big, complex work into smaller and manageable tasks. This can help you overcome laziness and defeat your procrastination habit.

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