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Few years ago I stumbled upon the famous Sedona method, a method that promises to bring its followers inner peace and abundance.

This method was mentioned on several forums I participated in, and its practitioners warmly recommended it, although they stated that it may not be for everyone. Its description didn’t give me much feeling about it. They described it as a method for achieving emotional freedom by welcoming our feelings or letting them go by asking ourselves several questions like:

  1. Could you let it go?
  2. Would you let it go?
  3. When?

This sounded vague. Could it be so simple?
I was intrigued by its simplicity, so I searched for more information. I found many incredible stories associated with this technique, its followers experienced miracle healings, improved health, wealth and better relationships. The founder of the method, Lester Levenson, as I found out, suffered from depression, an enlarged liver, kidney stones, spleen trouble, hyperacidity, and ulcers. The doctors gave him little chance to survive.

Instead of giving up he searched for an answer within himself. He found a tool for letting go of our inner blockages and limitations. He used it intensively for three months, and by the end of that period, he became completely healthy. Lester was excited about his discovery and for years gave lectures about his experience. Years after his concepts were transformed into a course now known as the Sedona Method. After his death, his student and a close friend, Hale Dwoskin, continued with his work.

At first I was skeptical about the success stories associated with the Sedona. I usually don’t fall for big claims, or unbelievable success stories, they automatically evoke some alarms within me.
But an acquaintance of mine put good words for it and offered to borrow me his course.

As I had nothing to lose, I gave it a try. I didn’t bother much with the workbook; I just listened to the CDs. Just by listening them I sensed my body relaxing. Few times during that period, I would pick up negative feelings, anxiety, fear or sense of helplessness. I would just continue listening to the course and quickly let them go.

After I finished the audio course, I continue practicing few simple techniques from the Sedona, whenever I felt unwanted feeling or discomfort arising within me.
It truly did bring me more peace and relaxation. As a result I feel better about myself; I have more energy and confidence. Now, any time an unwanted feeling arise within me, I just use the Sedona to let it go.

Few days ago I actually decided to go back to studying it. This time I will study the workbook more thoroughly, because I believe I didn’t seize all its possibilities.

The only downside to this method is its price. But the fact that they offer a 180-Day 100% money back Guarantee should provide enough comfort.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Sedona method, I would recommend you to first check the Sedona Method book by Hale Dwoskin, or The Ultimate Truth (About Love & Happiness): A Handbook to Life by Lester Levenson.
Each of these books is around $10 so everyone can afford it.

Then, if you like any of those book, invest in the audio course, it is a much powerful resource for integrating Sedona method into your life.

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