Ways to stop thinking negative thoughts

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stop negative thoughtsAnybody who complains more than average will have a great deal of negative thoughts in their heads. Often, they have these contradictory thoughts, and are considered as moaners and complainers. Here’s how to stop this process from further developing.
Thinking negatively can be addictive – just as addictive as nicotine, caffeine or eating junk food. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop, but not unrealistic.
Here are two ways which you can use to stop yourself from developing this negative pattern:
1. If there’s anything in your life which makes you deplore or moan, take charge and take action to improve these things.
2. Control your negative thoughts so you don’t develop the need to voice them.
It takes hard work to stop the negativity – you’ll need to work hard, and be persistent if you want to advance.

Try the following to help you kill the complaining and thinking contrary.
1. Make up your brain that you’re going to change for the better and that you will decrease the amount of negative thoughts. Negative conceiving does nothing for you except make you and those around you feel bad.
2. You may still seem negative from time to time, but identify the sentiments you have when a negative thought arises, and stop yourself before you let it proceed any further. If you don’t halt yourself as soon as you notice it, then your old customs may kick in, and you’ll end up deploring again.
3. Find a solution. Every problem has a solution. Instead of complaining about how bad your situation is, find some ways to make your life better, one step at a time.

Now I know this is simpler said than done, but one time you start to focus on solutions and not problems, your brain will switch to a whole new way of thinking, and you’ll evolve a much more positive mind-set.

Accept responsibility for your life.
This is tough, as nobody likes to believe that the awful things that happen to them are their own obvious error – it must be somebody else’s fault – right? Although, you can turn your negativity around and look on it as a challenge – you conceived it, so you can explain it. If you just proceed on blaming other people, you’ll not ever solve your own troubles.

Getting relieve of negativity, like all addictive behaviors, can take a large deal of work, but by discovering to command your feelings, you’ll find your life will advance immensely.

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